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Transform your relationship to be the most rewarding, loving and fulfilling relationship that you've ever had.

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Welcome To Lifeworks!

Teaching individuals and couples over the past 15 years how to have the relationship of their dreams - and keep it!

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Pre-Marriage - LifeWorks Group, LLC


Make sure you and your partner are on the same page before your big day.

Marriage Enrichment - LifeWorks Group, LLC

Marriage Enrichment

Reconnect, rekindle, and remember why you fell in love.

         Relationship Coaching - LifeWorks Group, LLC

Relationship Coaching

Take your relationship to the next level through one-on-one coaching.

A History Of Success - LifeWorks Group, LLC

A History of Success

Over the past 15 years, LifeWorks has worked with thousands of individuals and couples in their relationship journey. 

We are committed to helping you have the best relationship possible! Whether that is through using one of our online programs, or receiving our coaching or counseling services, we are here to support you and guide you along the way.

We were all designed with unique characteristics, strengths, and gifts, but we were never given a playbook on how to use them in a relationship. That's where LifeWorks come in!

Through our programs, couples learn how to use their unique gifts, and talents and truly understand how to meet their partners needs. You will learn how to have in-depth conversations where you and your partner both come away from a conversation feeling valued, heard, and understood. You will learn how to deal with conflict and actually resolve your issues in a constructive way that allows you to make progress. You will learn how to love and live creatively, and ultimately receive and give the greatest gift possible to your partner – love.

The 5 Habits of Successful Couples!

The 5 Habits of Successful Couples!

Eliminate Dating Stress And Understand How To Meet Your Partners Needs.


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Our Mission

Love. Commit. Succeed.

Our Mission - LifeWorks Group, LLC

Lifeworks was founded with a passion for family and relationships. Relationships today are more complicated than ever. Online dating, social media, demanding jobs, working remotely, getting established in your career first, and the list goes on and on. 

Life is becoming more and more demanding for everyone and it increasingly creates challenges in the way that we meet them. So many people want to experience a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship, yet, they aren't sure how exactly to do it? They know how to fall in love, but they aren't sure how to stay in love. 

What if we told you that you have the power to have the relationship you’ve always dreamed about; that you can be fulfilled in your relationship; and that you can become the person you were meant to be.

LifeWorks is committed to helping you get there, whether that is through attending a live retreat, using our online services, or receiving coaching our counseling services. We were all designed with unique characteristics, strengths, and gifts – now is the time to use them to connect with your partner better, deal with conflict, love and live creatively, and ultimately receive and give the greatest gift possible – true love.

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1. Online Premarital Program

Online Premarital Program - LifeWorks Group, LLC

Our #1 selling program helping couples prepare for their wedding day!


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2. Live Pre-Marriage Retreats

Pre-Marriage Live Retreats 

$399/per couple

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3. Individual Pre-Marriage Sessions

Individual Pre-Marriage Sessions - LifeWorks Group, LLC

One-on-one coaching for premarital couples. Learn the best ways to carry on a relationship. How to deliver more in your relationship.

*Options for Zoom or in-person sessions. 


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4. Relationship Coaching

Helping couples get back on track, resolve issues, heal and set new goals for the future.

*Options for Zoom or in-person sessions. 


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Hear what couples are saying about their experience with LifeWorks!

Christian A.

"Great experience! Gordy and Wallyn you’re a great example of a happy healthy couple. Format of the life works book was great for reflection and starting important conversations."

Courtney T.

"I feel you guys have opened my eyes a lot. Just a huge thank you! For all your advise for a successful marriage! You did an amazing job! Your snacks were great too!"

Megan K.

“Thank you for leading the class. I think it really amplifies what getting married means – it is not just a wedding and a fancy party. It’s a commitment to work as a team for the rest of your lives.”

Benjamin B.

"Thank you! This helped open up communication and is going to lead to a great life."

Stephanie S.

"This was great and helped heal some concerns and made us stronger as a couple."

Kelsey H.

"I enjoyed this time to be with my fiancé and talk about something we wouldn't normally."

Ashley F.

"Very great experience! More was discussed between us than imagined! I feel it did open our eyes to maybe more detailed subjects we do need to discuss before/after marriage."

Brandan H.

“I came into this not knowing what to expect. From about 10 minutes in, I was enjoying what was being said. I really enjoyed all the insight and opinions we learned from Zach, Kate and Gordy.”

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