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Morning Rituals

Get started today with a morning ritual that has all kinds of benefits.

Blow Your Spouse Away

Start your day off right with one goal in mind…

Long Distance Relationships

The in’s and out’s of creating a successful LD relationship.

Understand Work-Life Balance

By: Zachary J. Lee When you think about not being able to spend enough time with your partner and feeling like work is overtaking your life (i.e., your job runs your life and not the other way around) what are you supposed to do? One of the biggest overarching themes that I see couples struggling […]

Photo by nenetus. Published on 16 November 2015
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5 Keys To Avoiding Divorce

By: Zachary J. Lee Have you ever thought to yourself why you got married? The simple answer that we might say is “love”. But in my experience love only takes you so far. Love is absolutely the most important ingredient in a long-term relationship but there are so many other factors and determinants to avoiding […]

Are Relationships Without Arguments Real?

By: Zachary J. Lee Is there REALLY such a thing as an argument-free relationship? Sure, we’ve all heard friends or acquaintances say, oh we never fight. But it’s also evident they avoid real conversations that may inevitably lead to an argument. They keep it surface level. I’m talking about couples who don’t hold back. They […]