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Aaron and Brianne

Aaron and Brianne share their experience with the LifeWorks Group Pre-Marriage Retreat

How Do You Feel About Attending the Retreat?

“Great job! It was a wonderful experience!” – Shannon B.

“Thanks for a good weekend, hope it will help us through the years to come.” – Jason S.

“I enjoyed the time here, I feel we are better in love now then prior to coming here and I would recommend this retreat to all the couples I know getting married in the future.” – Michael M.

“This retreat exceeded my expectations! Gordy and his wife were amazing and really passionate about they were telling us.” – Heather C.

“Really was invaluable. Thank you so very much.” – Ethan S.

“Great information in the workbook.” – Brice W.

“ The couples workbook was very nice to have. I enjoyed going through the questions with my fiancé and being able to discuss topics more thoroughly” – Katrina K.

“ Thank you for taking the time to develop and host this retreat. It was a good way for us as a couple to discuss a varied range of topics. It was non-threatening and we were both able to open up and share with each other. I feel that we have grown together in our love and faith.” – Jeff O.

“I enjoyed the time we spent at this retreat. Although we have talked about many of these topics, this was an uninterrupted safe space. We didn’t get distracted away from the topics that needed more discussion and we got to see the important topics laid out on paper.” – Meghan K.

“ This was a very useful retreat! I feel a lot close to my fiancé because the presentation s covered common- knowledge topics that we rarely think or talk about. Thank you!” – Michael S.

“I appreciated the retreat! It helped my partner and I grow immensely together with honestly and trust entering our marriage.” – Katelyn Z.

“Thank you for making this a wonderful experience.” – Jason H.

“Great experience! Gordy and Wallyn you’re a great example of a happy healthy couple. Format of the life works book was great for reflection and starting important conversations.” – Christian A.

“I feel you guys have opened my eyes a lot. Just a huge thank you! For all your advise for a successful marriage! You did an amazing job! Your snacks were great too!” – Courtney T.

Thank you for taking the time to share your wisdom and knowledge! Your relationship with each other is inspiring.” – Nicole S.

“Keep up the good work! Thank you!!” – Zach J.

“ Thank you for leading the class. I think it really amplifies what getting married means – it is not just a wedding and a fancy party. It’s a commitment to work as a team for the rest of your lives.” – Megan K.

“I was not sure if I would like coming but I am really glad we came. I believe it will help us!” – Rickey J.

“Thank you so much for your help in our future marriage. It encourages me to know that I will be able to work through challenges. Plus the tips were nice to have with conflict resolution. Thank you!” – Arthur T.

“Really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and couples time.” –Emily P.

“Nice job! Exceeded my expectations!” – Brandon H.

“ This was very helpful. I was scared this was going to be boring but this was both entertaining and a great learning experience.” – Andrea J.

“Thank you! This helped open up communication and is going to lead to a great life.” – Benjamin B.

“This was great and helped heal some concerns and made us stronger as a couple.” – Stephanie S.

“I enjoyed this time to be with my fiancé and talk about something we wouldn’t normally.” – Kelsey H.

“Very great experience! More was discussed between us than imagined! I feel it did open our eyes to maybe more detailed subjects we do need to discuss before/after marriage.” – Ashley F.

“I came into this not knowing what to expect. From about 10 minutes in, I was enjoying what was being said. I really enjoyed all the insight and opinions we learned from Zach, Kate and Gordy.” – Brandan H.

“Thank you so much for all of the help and support you have given to us. I truly believe this experience helped us become closer and will keep us happier forever!” – Ashley J.

“This was nice to have time to chat with my fiancé about some difficult topics in an environment where we would have an open mind and not cause conflict.” – Jim P.

Loved the advise from a married couple! Such a wonderful people and will forever cherish what we have learned.” – Stephanie L.

“I appreciated your warm welcoming, informed spirits. People felt comfortable and wanted to be here. Thanks for doing this!” – Denise P.

“You guys did a great job! I appreciate you taking your weekends to do this retreat. I was able to talk in depth with my partner on subjects that we have talked about before briefly but not in depth.” – Lee T.

“Thank you Gordon and Wallyn! We really got a good chance to talk as a couple during the retreat and we enjoyed it.” – Meghan S.

“I was very pleased with the entire retreat. I learned a lot and found all the information very valuable and think our relationship will be better off and stronger because we came here with weekend. This is a great program; I think it is awesome what Gordy and Wallyn are doing. They are making a huge impact of this community! Thank you!” – Nicole G.

“I came into this thinking it was going to be a waste of time and was totally wrong they opened my eyes to questions didn’t ever think off! I highly encourage everyone to go through this.” – Derek M.

“You all did a good job. We have learned so much.” – Brittany W.

“Thank you very much! I appreciate everything you have done!” – Christopher C.

“Was nervous coming into this as we didn’t know what to expect but you were very welcoming and made every one feel comfortable! Nice job and thank you! – Sidney F.

“I was very apprehensive about the whole “retreat thing” but in all actuality I’m very glad we had the opportunity to join. Everything was easy flowing and fun! Never pushy or judgmental.” – Caneli W.

“I was excited to come. I felt like we knew a lot about one another, but just to get the depth details and responses was productive. I liked the video clips too. Great experience!” – Krissy H.

“Very laid back and informative instructors, had good life experiences to share with the group, friendly and easy to talk to.” – Jake M.

“I was very happy with the time spent with my fiancé to review all the categories. The weekend exceeded my expectations.” – Alan S.

What Was Most Helpful?

“They are living proof that marriage does last in this day and age and can talk about how and why.” – Jake P.

“When examples were given for each of the topics…real life stories put it in better perspective.” – Rebecca N.

“Knowledgeable and willingness to help, I liked the real life stories and examples.” – Jeff O.

“Presenters felt very approachable.” – Tiffany C.

“Good to have experienced third party perspective.” – Devon B.

“Very hands on, very helpful and welcoming.” – Adam S.

“Relaxed, funny, and made it more comfortable.” – Kayla H.

“The pep of the presenters and using the personal experiences instead of we had a couple once…personal experiences provide more insight and is easier to relate.” – Cassie H.

“Very relatable and very and open about every topic.” – Michael S.

“Real situations that happen everyday that we will more than likely encounter.” – Kyle B.

“Gordy and Wallyn made the class engaging and learned a lot.” – Christina P.

“There was always away that the presenters related to my life/relationship in all they subjects covered.” – Dave M.

“It was useful that they are a real couple and it seemed as if they were doing the retreat with us and made it a safe comfortable environment.” – Garrett C.

“The presenters were personable, warm and approachable.” – Heather J.

“I feel we got marriage advice from a truly happy couple.” – Marah O.

“Taught different ways about to deal with conflict and communication.” – Jodie A.

“The presenters were very friendly and truly cared.” – Matthew H.

“Gordy and Wallyn were extremely nice and open about their own relationship. It was nice to have an example of a great marriage present to us.” – Mara S.

“The presenters were very friendly and insightful, I could relate with a lot of their stories.” – Adam J.

“The presenters did a great job. I found the presenters very engaging and sincere.” – Natalie L.

“I liked that the presenters got involved in personal discussion and gave advice.” – Kieth S.

“The presenters brought a neutral perspective into certain conflicts we had and helped us reach a solution.” – Brandan H.

“Having them come in and help us individually was key! That helped us more than anything.” – Ashley J.

“The personal stories shared to help us know that all couples have arguments – topics that can be worked on.” – Stephanie L.

“The presenters made it easy to understand things. They gave good examples we can take home and use in our daily life.” – Angela G.

•”Hearing from a couple that has so much experience in life and in marriage. It makes you that a marriage is work and not always utopia.” – Lee T.

“It was nice to have examples of how to handle things like conflict and other topics. We also felt very comfortable with asking questions when we were stuck.” – Meghan S.

“Gordy and Wallyn were very open and non-threatening and very easy to talk to.” – Nicole G.

“I think how they stress communication is very important, always just about stuff if it is bothering you, alone time once a week. Gordon and Wallyn were great caring people.” – Derek M.

“The presenters were very personal and honest.” – Alex G.

“I loved that Zach and Kate could speak as a couple and share their experiences and how they related to the discussion.” – Mike S.

“The presenters took the time to have conversation and bring helpful.” – Jeremy B.

“The presenters let us speak or remain silent and take it all in. They did not force us to about we did not feel comfortable discussing.” – Lindsey N.

“I enjoyed when the presenters came to our couples time for some one-on-one discussion.” – Kelly T.