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What We Offer

  • PrePare/Enrich inventory and assessment
  • Couples Checkup by Life Innovations
  • Our program actually gets couples to talk in-depth about each section
  • Topics We Cover: Family, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Financial Management, Friendships, Aging, Intimacy & Sex, Faith, Commitment, Spiritual Formation
  • For pastors who want to go above and beyond – we give you talking points and starting points when you meet with your couples so you aren’t making things up on the spot
  • Couples actually enjoy going through our materials!
  • Our approach is inviting for couples and not scary – they will feel at ease.
  • We include follow-up with all couples who go through our program

Churches or church leaders that want to bring our program into their congregation have multiple options to fit your personal needs in the best way. Are you looking for materials to help supplement PrePare/Enrich inventories? Are you looking to add pre-marriage retreats that you can lead yourself, or have someone trained to lead for you? What about if you would simply like to send your couples to our live events? We have the answers to your questions.


If you are a pastor or church leader that would like to use our program in your congregation we have a very easy licensing agreement for you to look at. The cost of licensing our program in your congregation is $147 for a life-time license. This allows you to offer our online program or DVD sessions to your couples at a reduced rate. Licensing our program gives you the opportunity to stay as involved as you would like in the premarital counseling of your couples, but it also increases the amount of time that your couples will spend getting to know each other better and prepare for the rest of their lives.

Learn more about licensing and what it includes:
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