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Pastor Lead “In-House” Premarital Program

Want To Lead Your Own Pre-Marriage Program?

More and more we are receiving requests from pastors and congregations for a premarital counseling program that they can “own” and lead themselves. If you happen to be one of these individuals or congregations – look no further! Many pastors and church leaders that we talk to have explained that they would love to create their own premarital program for their church but they simply don’t have the time, money, or resources to do it.

That’s why we created LifeWorks “In-House” premarital program. Instead of you spending hour and hour creating topics, themes, presentations, and handouts you now have access to using an extremely successful and well-tested program (by couples and clergy). We’ve gone through all of the hard work to fine tune and tweak our premarital program so that it is engaging and inspiring to the couples who go through it.

Clergy and couples love what we have created because we’ve created the program based upon their requests over the past 12 years. Instead of just creating a product, we’ve interviewed, surveyed and received direct feedback with the congregations and couples we work with so that the couples you work with received the most impact and you can feel great about the program that you are offering your couples.

We Give You An Honorarium

Pastors and congregations who use our “in-house” program receive $50/couple for every couple that attends one of the retreats that you host at your church. It’s our way of saying thank you for using our program. The honorarium that you receive can be given to the pastor who is leading the retreat, a mentor couple who may be leading the retreat, or you can simply use the funds to go back into your church account.

Why choose Love.Commit.Succeed. premarital program?

Hundreds of couples have now gone through LifeWorks Group Love.Commit.Succeed. program. They’ve worked through the nine core areas of their relationship together and found new insights, new depth and understanding for one another, and created an empowered relationship. Love.Commit.Succeed. can be taught in three different formats depending on what your church wants and needs.

  • Format 1: The class meets for nine weeks, one night a week.
  • Format 2: The class meets for a weekend retreat. A Friday night and Saturday morning and afternoon.
  • Format 3: A couple completes the program on an individual basis at their own convenience with the guidance of their pastor or mentor couple.

Easy to Use

Since all of the classes are taught on DVD, it couldn’t be easier to get started. Along with the classes, we include a volunteer coordinator’s workbook with step-by-step instruction for leading each class and also leading small groups. A pastor, mentor couple or lay person can lead the retreat. We’ve thought of everything for you, so you know that your couples are receiving the best premarital preparation as possible.

Rewarding and Practical

Leading a Love.Commit.Succeed. class is extremely rewarding, fun, practical, and easy to lead. We have created the ultimate pastor and couple experience for premarital preparation. Every time you host a class, we teach the class for you on video. Your couples will be engaged, they will have fun, and they will learn what it REALLY takes to have not only a successful marriage, but a fulfilling one. After each class, couples work through each section in their Couples Workbook where they will dive into questions relating to the past, present, and future of their relationship. We’ve also incorporated a set of open-ended statements that they complete together to encourage deeper discussion and understanding of one another during their time together.

A Biblically Based Program

Created by a pastor for pastors, LifeWorks Group has worked diligently to create and build pastors and their couples the most comprehensive and wholelistic premarital preparation program in the country. We understand that not only do you want your couples to have a rewarding and engaging experience when they do their premarital work, but you want them to go through a biblically based program.

A Great Tool For Creating Small Groups Ministry

One of the biggest needs in each churches is creating new and fun outlets for couples to connect, bond, and for friendships. Love.Commit.Succeed offers an incredible way to break the ice for those couples through each class by having small group discussions lead by the Coordinator. Couples will have an opportunity to learn more about each other’s experiences, talk about their upcoming weddings, and learn about planning for life after their big day.


Licensing is Quick and Easy

For any church or pastor that wants to host the Love.Commit.Succeed. program at their church or in their community the cost is $297. The cost covers:

  • Lifetime Licensing – to be able to offer/host classes
  • Online Access to all of our Coordinator’s Dashboard which includes everything you will need: instruction forms, online videos, and our media kit
  • DVDs for class
  • 1 – Coordinator’s Manual
  • Discount Code for your couples: Our regular price for attending the Love.Commit.Succeed. premarital program is $300/couple. By hosting the program yourself, the cost goes down to $175/couple. That’s almost a 50% savings for the couples who attend the classes you host! Additionally, LifeWorks also sends the church a $50 honorarium for each couple that goes through the program.

Church Licensing

Church License
Church License


One Time Enrollment Fee X
Lifetime License X
Coordinators Workbook and DVD with Recorded Retreat Sessions X
Pastors Workbook X
Online Access to Coordinators Media Kit X

Once your church is licensed to offer retreats then your couples are able to receive a discounted program rate:


Licensed Program
for Couples
Package 1
(Church Code Required) 175
Online Couples Workbook X
Softcover Couples Workbook  X
Online Live Recorded Sessions or Lead by Church Coordinator X
Pre-Post Survey X
Online Access X
5 Years of Follow-up X
12+ hours of premarital counseling X
Prepare/Enrich by Life Innovations X


No Licensing

Church Programs
Live Retreat
Individual Sessions
Live Retreat Lead By LifeWorks X  X
Online Live Recorded Sessions  X  X
Coaching & Strategy Sessions w/ Certified LifeWorks Coach X X
4 Individual Sessions with Certified LifeWorks Coach X X
12+ hours of premarital counseling X X
Softcover Couples Workbook X X
Pre-Post Survey X X
Online Access X X
Prepare/Enrich by Life Innovations X X
5 Years of Follow-up X X
No Licensing Required X X