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Counseling is an amazing tool that allows individuals to utilize another person to assist them in working through the many challenges of life.  Whether those challenges are individual, couple, or family orientated, a counselor can help find solutions to issues and situations that may seem impossible and desperate at this very moment.  Counseling is designed to provide a supportive, empowering environment for individuals, couples, and families who don’t know where to turn during a time of distress, confusion, or crisis.  If you don’t know where to turn and need a companionate, trustworthy person to listen and guide you, LifeWorks would like to help.

LifeWorks will partner you with a counselor in our referral network that has been carefully selected for your unique situation to ensure your needs are met. Together with the counselor you will identify and focus on your concerns, develop an understanding of how it is impacting you, and give actionable steps to assist you in working through the issue and begin/continue the process towards healing and life success.

Why do we provide this referral service?

We have worked with so many people and unfortunately have heard repeatedly about people being led astray by a counselor or therapist who they found through a phonebook or Google search.  It is our mission to provide ongoing support, both before and after marriage, to the couples and individuals we work with.  We advise people to seek both individual and couple or family counseling and we will ensure that the counselors in our referral network are not only qualified, but also exemplify the passion and commitment we have for the people we serve.


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