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areweamatchIf there’s one thing I’ve noticed as a pattern in couples from the time they are dating to years later into their marriage, it’s that the quality time and quality conversations that they once had in the beginning of their relationship when they were dating that led them to falling in love, has dwindled away little by little year after year. It’s something that I see everyday. I have the privilege everyday of getting to work with couples who are happily engaged, so in-love, and incredibly excited to join their lives together. I also have the sad experience everyday to work with couples who once had that twinkle in their eye, but now are meeting with me for marriage counseling. And I wonder why? Not that I’m wondering why their meeting with me, rather why the couple quit talking to each other in their relationship? And that’s why I created this book of questions. I want you and your partner to keep those quality conversations going and to keep spending quality time together. Encore is a book of questions for couples in an intimate relationship to help them continue or begin to have real conversations about their lives, their relationship, and about the future.

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Information Language: English Published: June 1, 2014 Genre: Relationship Mastery & Self-Improvement Publisher: LifeWorks Group, LLC Pages: 56 Seller: LifeWorks Group, LLC Size: 11 MB Version: eBook About the Author: Gordon J. Lee, LPC, MDIV is a Licensed Professional Coun- selor as well as an ordained Pastor in the Lutheran Church, where he has served congregations for 33 years. He received his MDIV from Luther Seminary in St. Paul, MN and his Mas- ter’s Degree in Counseling from North Dakota State University in Fargo with a focus on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. In ad- dition to the churches and communities he has served as Pas- tor, he has been in private practice as a Counselor for the past 6 years. His primary clientele are individuals dealing with anxi- ety, stress, relationship and work issues, as well as couples desiring pre-marital and marital counseling.