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About Us

Life & Relationship Coaching

Relationships today are failing at an alarming rate, 40-50% for first marriages, 67% for second marriages, and it goes up from there for three or more.

What if we told you that you have the power to have the relationship you’ve always dreamed about; that you can be fulfilled in your relationship; and that you can become the person you were meant to be.

LifeWorks is committed to helping you get there, whether that is through attending a live retreat, using our online services, or receiving coaching our counseling services. We were all designed with unique characteristics, strengths, and gifts – now is the time to use them to connect with your partner better, deal with conflict, love and live creatively, and ultimately receive and give the greatest gift possible – true love.

LifeWorks was founded in 2004, and currently serves couples throughout Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. We partner with churches and organizations to offer both pre-marriage and marriage enrichment retreats for couples. We also work with individuals and couples for Life & Relationship Coaching, and counseling as well.