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5 Keys To Avoiding Divorce

5 Keys To Avoiding Divorce

By: Zachary J. Lee

Have you ever thought to yourself why you got married? The simple answer that we might say is “love”. But in my experience love only takes you so far. Love is absolutely the most important ingredient in a long-term relationship but there are so many other factors and determinants to avoiding being miserable, breaking-up or even getting a divorce.

My wife and I have been together for almost 10 years and next week we’ll have been married for eight. Although we haven’t been married as long as our parents (Kate’s – 35 years and mine – 47 years), we’ve been together for long enough to know that what we have together is special.

Because I work with couples from in all facets of a relationship cycle (premarital counseling, marriage enrichment, separation, mediation, and even going through a divorce), Kate and I often have discussions about what successful couples do in their relationship and what troubled couples do in theirs.

This past weekend we were having another one of these chats when we decided that we wanted to tell others some of the keys to success and fulfillment in our relationship. In other words, the daily habits and actions we do as individuals and as a couple to continue growing together and enjoying each other’s company.

What we decided to do was write a short eBook of some of the key ingredients we live out in our relationship that have helped us continue love being married to one another. Whether your married or not I think this book is relevant to anyone in a relationship because it covers basic human needs and requests that we all have and want when we’re in an intimate relationship.

5 Keys To Avoiding Divorce

What will you find in “5 Keys To Avoiding Divorce”?

  1. How to create lasting intimacy and teamwork
    that will make your relationship fulfilling to the max
  2. Tips and advice we use in our relationship everyday to create the relationship you’ve always wanted and not wonder if we’re in the right relationship
  3. Easy-to-use advice for every day communication
    and creating the connection you’ve always desired and need
  4. Step-by-step guide and questions to help you dive deeper into your relationship
  5. 3 Bonus Sections to bring you more trust, connection and understanding

Relationships are never easy and marriage is even harder, but it can be your greatest source of love, enjoyment, and fulfillment if you treat it right. If you think about it…those greatest sources are the whole reason you got married. No one gets married to be unhappy, unfulfilled, or miserable. But it takes daily, habitual practice of living out a certain way so that you have the opportunity to have what you want.

If your looking to create a better relationship, better marriage, get back on track, create excitement and passion again this eBook will be a great start to getting you talking and will be of great benefit to you – and it’s FREE!

Kate and I hope that you have a great week and we hope that you take advantage of this opportunity. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Click on the link below and get your copy now:

5 Keys To Avoiding Divorce 

About the Author: 

Speaker. Developer. Collaborator. 

Storyteller. Christian. 

I am a husband to my gorgeous and gifted wife Kate and a lucky father of three amazing kids. My company, LifeWorks Group is based in the Twin Cities and focuses on strategic interventions of relationships in the workplace and at home. Over the past five years I have had the privilege and honor of working with hundreds of couples helping improve their relationships and working with organizations to improve employee morale, team dissatisfaction, and creating synergy in the workplace. 

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